Powder-coating on aluminium
and hot-dipped steel

NOT Pulverlakk AS is a market-leading
high-technology provider for your powder-coating needs on aluminium and hot-dipped steel
where heavy-duty corrosion protection coupled with superb finish is required

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Welcome to NOT Pulverlakk

A company in Norsk Overflate Teknikk

NOT Pulverlakk AS is a market-leading, high-technology provider for powder-coating of aluminium and hot-dipped steel.

NOT Pulverlakk AS focuses very strongly on optimal quality processes with the emphasis on the environment. We are certified to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Powder-coating of hot-dipped steel is performed to NS-EN ISO 12944-2, EN ISO 1461 and NS-EN 13438. NOT Pulverlakk AS is a member of the NOT Group of Companies – Norsk Overflate Teknikk AS.

We offer powder-coating of railings, stairs, facade elements, extruded profiles, ironwork fittings, building sheets, agricultural furnishings, park furniture and other street fittings and furniture. We also carry a stock of aluminium sheet ready for your choice of coating.

Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance about your powder-coating requirements.

A PART OF BR Industrier